VaLarie Humphrey is an illustrative motivational presenter with a high level of energy with 25 years in the education field. She has a way of empowering others with her words. Thousands have been impacted and inspired to change their paths in life after hearing her words of encouragement. She is a dynamic presenter, speaker, facilitator, educator and activist. She has been labeled as the "at risk" educator. The label represents her desire to impact those that others may have given up on, or those that seem to have no one in their corner. After her first year of teaching, she received the "New Teacher of the Year" Award. She was later recognized in the "Who's Who Among America's Teachers" annual publication. While teaching, she didn't feel that she was reaching the masses of those that needed to be heard.


After spending 13 years in the classroom in Chicago’s Cabrini Green and Bellwood neighborhoods, she was offered an administrative position at an alternative school. Taking the position as principal was a huge change from instructing. Her passion for the "at PROMISE," not the "atrisk," truly had to move to the forefront of her life. She worked at the alternative school for one year before moving to the public school sector to assist the students prior to being placed in an alternative setting. While in her quest to raise awareness about struggling youth and the need for adults to advocate for positive change, she received the "Community Leader Award" from the city of Aurora. In 2012, she founded the True Eagle Beauty Foundation where the quest is to impact lives one community at a time. True Eagle Beauty has already impacted the lives of thousands throughout the state of Illinois. From the middle school to the university level, lives are being changed.


VaLarie Humphrey is credited with founding and leading the following programs in the Chicagoland area:

• Community Champion Project (honoring students in 17 communities/20 schools)

• Eagle Beauties Mentoring Program (middle school females)

• True Eagles Mentoring Program (high school females)

• S.O.A.R. College Connections Program (college enrolled females)

• Eagle Images Partnership (a black female Greek organization unity program)

• College Keepers Project (Annual Project to help keep youth in college until graduation)

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