TRUE EAGLE Mentoring Program will provide opportunities for girls to develop. This will inevitably lead them to having a higher self-esteem and experience success in and out of school. TRUE EAGLE is a female mentoring program designed to promote the overall social development in high school females. This program embodies intellectual, personal, and emotional growth. This female mentoring program promotes positive relationships and a mindset of excellence. This program is committed to providing a high quality of support through positive female influence.

This program will also provide a parent component to encourage and assist the parents with maintaining a positive support system. Through this program we attempt to repair the link in the chain of education between high school and college. We aims to increase college awareness, particularly for those students who are least likely to enroll through a college tour of the campus, workshops and fun.

This program has been designed to serve a variety of students. Some start as early as their freshmen year, others in their senior year of high school. This program focuses on increasing college readiness, while others specialize in college admissions or financial aid. Some of our students are potential first-generation college students this program prepares them for a successful higher education experience by enhancing their social emotional learning skills.

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